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Saab 900 and Aspen Police ski team
Saab History

Saab and The Aspen Police Department Ski Team

Here's another interesting story from the history of the Saab company. Through history of brand, Saab cars has been used by police units in many countries around the world. Just yesterday we shared the story with readers on the use...

Police Saab 900i Svenska
Saabs from around the World

Police Saab 900i for Collectors

German company “Model Car Group” has specialized in the production and sale of scaled models of classic cars. For this sales service, the new Saab model created by Premium X - They created a small replica of a Police Saab 900i (Item...


Police Saab 9000 Race Car

Not many cars have been "sponsored" by the Swedish police in touring car championship :) This Saab 9000 was one sponsored by Swedish police - Team Trafikpolis. Old TV-footage of Rolf Uhrs Saab 9000 which was built and driven together with the...

SAAB Galleries

SAABs in Police around the World

Most Swedish police cars are either Volvos or SAABs, with the same livery all over Sweden. In later years, due to the 2010 bankruptcy of SAAB, the use of other brands, such as Volkswagen Passat and BMW 5-series, has become...