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Saab 9-3 TXR (1000+bhp) on Sale!

Turns out 'modified' isn't a strong enough term for Per-Anders Johansson's Saab 9-3 TXR (2006). "The idea was to build the world's most extreme street Saab," the Saab worker explains. "With 802 bhp, it is the most powerful four-cylinder Saab...


Saab 9-3 X4R with 802 hp/775 Nm

Project manager Per-Anders (P-A) Johansson from SpeedParts stands behind the creations brilliant Saab 9-3 X4R with 802 hp/775 Nm (from some sources - latest dyno results are 950hp and 950nm). It is simply incredible number of modifications that (P-A) Johansson...