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Sango PONS cars by NEVS in Trollhattan

Study Visit to NEVS Cars in Trollhättan

In the last couple of years, there has been almost no news from the company NEVS, which was originally supposed to design and produce electric Saab cars, i.e. NEVS electric cars based on part of the Saab technology and know-how...

NEVS self-driving mobility concept and the service order APP.

NEVS Sustainability Award open for nomination!

NEVS put up 50,000 SEK ($5,200) to reward individuals or groups working with sustainable mobility projects. ‘The last Saab’ was sold at auction last autumn. With the proceeds from that sale and in association with University West, NEVS can now...

Solar powered car sponsored by NEVS

NEVS Sponsors a Solar-powered Car

Also this year, NEVS are happy sponsors of the JU Solar Team that consists of 16 students from Jönköping University. The World Solar Challenge is an open international competition where the goal is to construct and build a vehicle that...

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