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Saab 99 GL
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Saab 99 GL in Music Video

Rock band MOONROSE from the Polish city of Poznan, presented the new video for their song "Skychaser". Directed by Zofia Strzelecka, Motion designer & photographer, and in her music video appears one beautiful Saab 99 GL. Zofia Strzelecka built her first photo darkroom at age 14,...

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Saab 900 and “Nightdrive With You”

Saab 900 in another (Saab) music video. Nice ambiënt music, this video is in an 80's retro electro chillwave synthpop, with a beautiful Saab 900i too. This is unofficial music video for the song "Nightdrive With You" from the EP "Nightdrive With You" by Anoraak. Great...

saab 900 in music video

Saab 900 in Malika Ayane Music Video

Malika Ayane is an Italian pop singer. "Senza Fare Sul Serio" is a new single of the Italian singer Malika Ayane, second from the album Naive, and first released 10 April 2015. Video for this single was filmed in Budapest in March...

Saab 900i

Saab 900i in music video “Drive Darling”

This is "Drive Darling" music video  taken from the album "Mutual Friends" by BOY  Swiss/German duo / Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass. In an interview Valeska explains this song its about the day she left her home country and her mama drived her to...