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Reviving a Classic: The Electric Saab Van Built for Sweden's Postal Service

The Half-Century Milestone of Electric Saab: From Crisis to Innovation

Marking the 50th anniversary of a pivotal moment in automotive history, this article delves into the electric vehicle revolution sparked by Saab during the 1973 global energy crisis. Explore the journey from the innovative T3 model and the Saab-Scania Electric Van to the present-day successors shaping the future of electric mobility. Discover how Saab's pioneering spirit in electric vehicle technology emerged as a beacon of innovation during a time of global challenge, and how it continues to influence the modern automotive industry.

Saab Electric Van
Saab Technology

Electric Saab Van “Model T3” from 1974

The future of the Saab, now Nevs, lies in electric cars. Electric vehicles are not new for Saab (we assume that many have not heard of Saab Van). There was a 1974 Saab Sonett III converted into an electric car...