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Saab Phoenix steering wheel
SAAB Concepts

Behind the Wheel of the Saab Phoenix

Saab PhoeniX was a concept car developed by Saab and unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. beautiful concept was designed by Jason Castriota as one of his first creations for Saab. Saab Phoenix takes its inspiration from "Ursaab" as a play...

Saab PhoeniX in New York

Seductive Photos of Saab PhoeniX

Saab PhoeniX is a concept car by Saab unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. It was designed by Jason Castriota as one of his first creations for Saab. Jason Castriota, one-time design director at Saab, has a reputation for...

SAAB PhoeniX Concept

Chris Bangle and Jason Castriota discuss the SAAB PhoeniX Concept

We should be reminded of an interesting conversation. This is very, very interesting discussion between Chris Bangle (controversial former chief of design for BMW group) and Jason Castriota (former  SAAB design director) about the SAAB PhoeniX Concept, on the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Known for being an...


The last three SAABs

Three all-new designs went to the dustbin with SAAB's extinction. We mourn what might have been. SAAB suffered an ignominious death in 2012, its management desperately grasping at funding throughout a protracted demise. But even as the end neared for the...



Meet the SAAB Sonett, 9-1, and 9-3—three SAABs that never saw the light of day once the company went under. Here they are, courtesy of their designer, Jason Castriota. Jason Castriota is an American automobile designer born in White Plains,...


Saab 9-5 Advertorial

Marketing department of Saab created a second advertorial again with a male model for the promotion of the new Saab 9-5 models. For now, we do not know in which magazine out this advertorial, but it is obvious that it...