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Reviving a Classic: The Electric Saab Van Built for Sweden's Postal Service

The Half-Century Milestone of Electric Saab: From Crisis to Innovation

Marking the 50th anniversary of a pivotal moment in automotive history, this article delves into the electric vehicle revolution sparked by Saab during the 1973 global energy crisis. Explore the journey from the innovative T3 model and the Saab-Scania Electric Van to the present-day successors shaping the future of electric mobility. Discover how Saab's pioneering spirit in electric vehicle technology emerged as a beacon of innovation during a time of global challenge, and how it continues to influence the modern automotive industry.


NEVS at the Business Innovation Seminar

Yesterday held the Business Innovation Seminar at Mittuniversitetet in Sundsvall, Sweden  -  and the seminar was attended by representatives of NEVS company. The Business Innovation Seminar is arranged by the University to provide knowledge and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and people...

NEVS Shaping Mobility (photo credit: NEVS)

NEVS about the disruptive changes in the car industry

Yesterday NEVS is at Lindholmen Science Park to discuss the disruptive changes in the car industry at Vehicle ICT Arena's Innovation Bazaar. Michel Annink from NEVS gave a presentation about how #NEVS is approaching the new landscape in order to shape mobility...


Saab starts production of electric cars

Swedish Saab has started production of its electric cars in Trollhattan. The electric car will be based on the famous platform Saab 9-3. So far, it has produced several cars and production takes place with redovodno increase in the number...