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Long-lost treasures: Unveiled sketches of Saab's secret projects that never made it past the drawing board.

Unveiling Saab’s Forgotten Sketches: New Sonett and 99 Wagon Revealed

Step into the captivating world of Saab's lost designs as Saab Cars Magazine takes you on a journey through the recently discovered sketches from the depths of Saab's old Trollhättan facility. Explore the enigmatic sportscar project, shrouded in secrecy for years, and witness the rebirth of the iconic Sonett name. Delve into the unexpected depiction of the Saab 99 as a wagon, defying convention and fueling intrigue. Join us as we uncover these hidden gems, celebrating Saab's rich heritage and the untold stories that shaped its legacy.

Designer Geoff Wardle and 1998 Saab 9-3 Mk1 prototype
Saab History

Saab Design: Saab 9-3 Mk1 (NG900)

On the top, very rare picture, you can see Designer Geoff Wardle working on a preliminary 1998 Saab 9-3 scale model in 1993, just one year before the launch of the Saab 900 NG. The NG 900 was principally the work...