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Saab Hearse
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Huge Saab 9-5 Hearse for Sale

We have already written about special Saab cars - custom made Hearse by  UK company  Coleman-Milne - leading coachbuilder and they for obvious reasons, base the majority of their creations on SAAB platforms. A five door  2001 Saab 9-5 was transformed into a stylish...

Saab 9-5 HEARSE
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Special Saab 9-5 Hearse on Ebay

Saab limousines are not uncommon, there are various versions,  but the British company Coleman-Milne specialized in converting Saab 9-5 (course and other models) models in classical extended limousine, and of course in HEARSE. in fact, on Ebay appeared two special Saab vehicles. Here they have for...