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The incredible NEVS Emily GT. Its unique design, powered and optimized for ProteanDrive in-wheel motors, offers unparalleled advantages.

NEVS Emily GT: Koenigsegg’s Rave Review and Clearing the Air on Investment Rumors

Explore the NEVS Emily GT, a captivating Swedish electric car concept that has captivated industry trailblazer Christian von Koenigsegg. Get insights into Koenigsegg's enthusiastic test drive and uncover the reality behind speculations about Koenigsegg's involvement in the project. Learn about the project's potential and its connection to the historic Saab factory in Trollhättan. Discover the future prospects of this exciting electric car venture and the mystery surrounding its undisclosed investors.


Koenigsegg answers questions about Saab

2009 the media reported that Koenigsegg Group, consisting of Koenigsegg Automotive AB, Christian von Koenigsegg, Bård Eker and a group of investors had signed a letter of intent with Saab to take over the brand from General Motors. In November...