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"Michael Scullin's Ford Sierra with the Saab B204 engine – A true masterpiece of automotive tuning.
SAAB Tuning

Saab-Powered Transformation: Michael Scullin’s Remarkable Ford Sierra

The remarkable journey of automotive enthusiast Michael Scullin as he breathes new life into his Ford Sierra with a Saab B204 engine. Discover the power, innovation, and unique modifications that set this project apart in the world of car tuning. Witness the fusion of style and performance in this one-of-a-kind automotive masterpiece.

Saab 900ng
SAAB Tuning

Modified Saab 900NG Viggen Pack (387hp)

Plenty of car owners enjoy the thrill of driving a fast car, but some of them enjoy the process of drawing out the hidden potential of cars to create their own speed monsters. One of them is Rafał Wesołowski from Poland,...

mrBman's Saab 9-5
SAAB Tuning

Street racing: +500bhp Saab 9-5 vs. Supercars

American (Houstom, TX) Saab entusiast and self-tuner mrBman (We have already watched him many times on this blog)  further improved and accelerated his machine - 2005 Saab 9-5 Aero Sedan. For now, this tuned machine releases over 500 horsepower and 500 ft-lb of torque, and...