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Bjorn Envall, Saab Designer

Thunder Unveiled: Saab Club Nederland Celebrates Björn Envall’s Legacy with Exclusive Documentary Screening

Join Saab Club Nederland for an exclusive evening at Alkmaarse Poort in Alkmaar, featuring the screening of 'Thunder,' a documentary on Björn Envall, the godfather of the Saab 900. Immerse in the rich legacy of Saab through this insightful 25-minute film and enjoy a nostalgic display of vintage Saab images. A must-attend event for Saab enthusiasts and car history aficionados.

Saab Smartback Concept
SAAB Concepts

Saab SmartBack Concept

Saab SmartBack is another unrealized concept from a series of Saab development projects, in addition to the "secret" projects we mentioned. At one time, Björn Envall, as the former head of design at Saab Automobile, mentioned in an interview for...

Saab EV-1 in Saab Cars Museum (Photo by Lukasz19930915)
SAAB Concepts

Saab EV-1

Not even a year after the launch of the Saab 9000, Saab's small but efficient design department in Trollhättan had come up with something else to show. It was a 2+2 seater sports coupé that was based on the 900...

2021 Saab 900 Meeting Hungary
SAAB Clubs

Saab 900 Club Meeting in Black Valley

There are several large Saab clubs in Hungary, but also several specialized ones such as the Saab 900 Club Hungary (Saab 900 Klub Magyarország), which brings together only fans of the legendary 900 model. This is globally one of the...

Tony Catignani next to the 9-5 prototype
Saab History

Secret Cars That Could Lift a Saab

Saab never managed to lift in the way many fans hoped. But one thing must be clear to everyone: in Trollhättan, thanks to Saab’s brilliant engineers and constructors, there was never a shortage of ideas. Below, we will mention only...

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