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Saab Turbo APC
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How Saab’s APC Basically Works

After yesterday's blog post, and a review of a long-standing review dedicated to the long-term test of the Saab 900 and APC technology, today we present another great article on the Saab Turbo system, which was published earlier, back in...

Saab 900 turbo
SAAB Reviews

Saab APC Turbo

We continue to find and re-publish interesting tests and reviews about Saab cars from the recent or distant past. It would be a shame to keep these automotive "pearls" in oblivion, and it is also great to have them preserved...

SAAB Self-repairing bumper

What Saab Inventions Do You Remember?

No car manufacturer has been as innovative with such small funds as Saab's car manufacturing in Trollhättan. In this post, in one image, we present the interesting inventions from Saab’s nearly eighty-year history. Here are Saab's "craziest" inventions, coolest, smartest...

Saab Turbo APC
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Saab APC Turbo (Promo Video 1982)

Today, thanks to this interesting retro video, we go back to the distant 1982 - 37 years back in the Saab past. Striking looks and unusual technology make the Saab 900 the flagship of the brand in 1978. The car...

Saab Turbo

The Turbocharger turns 110 years old!

The turbo-charger, which has dominated the development of the internal combustion engine for the last 30 years, turned 110 years old in this 2015. On 16 November 1905 Swiss engineer Dr. Alfred Büchi received patent No. 204630 from the Imperial...