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SAAB Safety

And beyond: Saab cars save passengers

Day by day, on roads across the globe, Saab cars do their job of safely transporting passengers and rescuing them from unforeseen situations. Just one such dangerous situation happened yesterday on a local road in the western part of Sweden....

Saab roofcabin motorhome

New Saab Motorhome Solution

Most Saab fans probably did not hear about the traveling-home Saab 92H. This adorable two-stroke Swedish meatball was built in 1963 by Torsten Johansson using the mechanicals of a Saab 92. The Saab 92,  made all of 28 HP from its two-stroke twin....

Alec Baldwin vs Saab Turbo X
Saabs from around the World

Saab Turbo X vs. Alec Baldwin

One Black Saab Turbo X suddenly found itself in a typical Hollywood story... Namely, the famous Hollywood star Alec Baldwin was arrested yesterday and charged with assault and harassment after allegedly striking a man in the face during a dispute over...

Saab 9-3 Aero Sportcombi
SAAB Tuning

Unlocking the Saab 9-3 Aero True Potential

While most Saab fanatics lust over the Turbo X or Coupe 9-3/900 version, Adam Golański from Poland went the Wagon/Sportcombi route. And believe it, he did not fail at all. The main purpose of his Saab project was to build a fast and...