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Swedspot Open Infotainment – The successor to Saab’s IQon system

OLED infotainment screens by SwedspotOLED infotainment screens by Swedspot

Once, the Saab company has promoted Android based Infotainment system called IQon.

Of course, due to problems in the Saab Cars company this project has not been implemented in the future Saab models. However, the project has continued to develop thanks to the team of engineers from the Saab company.

IQon - Google Android based infotainment system in Saab Automobile
IQon – Google Android based infotainment system in Saab Cars

This team of engineers is formed their own company – Swedspot. Swedspot AB was founded beginning of 2012 in Trollhättan, Sweden. They are an expanding software engineering company with extensive knowledge of and experience from the automotive industry. This team has experience from automotive research and development, embedded systems, software development for clusters infotainment, human-machine interface (HMI) and business development, leadership.

The core team has invented and developed the revolutionary Android-based Saab IQon Infotainment System. Original project has evolved into a new system, called Swedspot Open Infotainment. This is a product fully compatible with Automotive Grade Android (AGA). In fact much of the Automotive Grade Android code and ideas were Swedspot contributions. Swedspot Open Infotainment is a pure software product.

Also, they have also developed GM’s first fully graphical cluster for the Chevrolet Volt. The development was done using Linux, OpenGLes and Cascades. Also, Swedspot Infotainment used in the SIDEWINDER concept vehicle.

The Swedish-based company has provided the open, Android-based platform, which enables developers all over the world to fine tune the optimal user experience. Their carefully selected automotive adaptations of Android are what add unique vehicle extensions. At last, a standardized Vehicle Application Programming Interface (API) provides a leading-edge access to information from the sensors and signals of the Sidewinder.

Swedspot AB UI
Swedspot AB UI

The Telenor Connect app

And that’s not all the Swedspot continues to develop automotive UI system, and now in the cooperation with Telenor Group.

Telenor Group is a member of European Automotive-Telecom Alliance and has significant competence and experience within IoT, primarily through its global vehicle Telenor Connexion. Together with customers including car companies such as Volvo and Nissan, the company has designed smart and innovative IoT solutions deployed across the globe.

The Telenor Connect app is the latest step in Telenor Group’s smart car offering and has been developed by Telenor and partner Swedspot, a spin-off from Swedish car-manufacturer Saab Automobile which offers connectivity solutions for vehicles.

The ecosystem API makes it possible for Telenor’s large partner and startup network to develop applications for the platform and to expand the connected car ecosystem to become the leading app store for cars in the Nordics.

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