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Saab Performance by Swedish Dynamics

We present to you another little known specialized Saab Tuning Company called “Swedish Dynamics“. Most of you have heard of Maptun Performance or Nordic Performance, and there are BSR, Abbott Racing, Hirsch Performance, then A-Zperformance, NordicSpeed, Vermont Tuning and many more, but you probably haven’t heard of Swedish Dynamics – so this is an opportunity and to get to know them.

They are Swedish Dynamics and they specialize in high performance parts and car performance tuning for SAAB automobile, from suspension tuning to engine enhancement. And what is certain is that – if you’re interested in getting more performance from your SAAB, Swedish Dynamics has the answer.

Swedish Dynamics – committed to increasing Saab performance

For over 20 years, the team of Swedish Dynamics has been dedicated to providing performance enhancement services for SAAB and VOLVO cars with turbocharger replacement capabilities plus performance changes through a variety of SAAB applications.

As they just say, they aresimply amazed at the number of companies peddling SAAB performance parts that just don’t perform. Sure, they look good on paper and they may work on some applications but a lot of them don’t work on SAAB’s. Swedish Dynamics know they don’t work because they’ve tried them, and, it’s obvious to them that many of these parts suppliers haven’t. They’ve already reviewed and tested many of these so-called performance parts with the realization that the theory behind them does not always show its advantage on SAAB applications.

Swedish Dynamics prides itself in being dedicated to the science – not the theory, of SAAB high performance enhancements. They test, and retest, everything they manufacture and/or sell to insure that you receive only the best performance possible and they offer immediate worldwide shipping of their  extensive inventory. They USA manufactured cartridge replacement turbochargers have been proven by Swedish Dynamics for over 20 years, and they only provide original manufacturer components for unsurpassed integrity plus a greatly increased longevity.

How to get real power?

If you ask them, what is the best route for generating high performance and real power on a naturally aspirated Saab engine? Swedish Dynamics has the answer – for real power, a camshaft upgrade and cylinder head modification will be in order which will allow the owner to capitalize on the higher RPM range. A complete exhaust system upgrade (including header) and air filter kit is considered the simplest and most cost effective performance enhancing changes you can make to the 16V N/A engine

Swedish Dynamics Red series line of high RPM producing modifications
Swedish Dynamics Red series line of high RPM producing modifications

Why are higher RPMs so important?

Besides engine displacement and the amount of force being applied to each piston, engine RPM is one of the key ingredients in power production. Most engines can be brought to redline without any load applied to it…you could sit in your driveway and bring your parked Saab to 6K RPM all day.

When a load is applied, however, the engine demands additional air volume to create power. Most Saab engines will supply this air up to 5K RPM and then reach their maximum capacity shortly thereafter. This limitation is due to the restrictive OEM intake, exhaust, cylinder head, etc….opening things up, for lack of a better analogy, will help the engine “breath” at a higher RPM where air demand is at an all time high.

If you were to complete a 10K run and were given a choice to breath through either a soda straw or 2″ pipe, which would you choose? An engine that can breathe heavily at higher RPM range is going to generate more power there.

Why didn’t the manufacturer create these cars to work at higher RPMs

For starters, the OEM engine was designed around the cost factor which puts a limit on performance. Secondly, everything is a compromise. Most of your top end power producing modifications can and will have a negative effect on idle quality and low-end performance.

The Saab engine was designed to fit the needs of the everyday driver and not the enthusiast. Low-end power and torque are ample while its idle quality is as smooth as silk. A race car engine will generate ungodly amounts of power at higher RPM levels but is barely be able to idle and will have blank performance at midrange.

So, for example, theirs Red series line of high rpm producing modifications are the absolute best upgrades that they could come up to balance high end power with low end response for street use. High-end power and torque are significantly increased while idle quality and mid range still maintain their “streetability”.

T3/T4 Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade for Saab 900
T3/T4 Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade for Saab 900

Why the largest turbocharger available is not always the best solution

Every turbo compressor wheel has a certain efficiency range wherein the most air can be produced while keeping the discharge (boost) temperatures at their lowest or most efficient. As the wheels are spun out of this range, the intake temperatures can climb to very high levels resulting in detonation and searing exhaust temperatures. When selecting a turbo, the compressor wheel must be selected based on its efficiency in relation to the air requirement of your engine.

What effect will a high output engine have on drivetrain?

None, but, as they stated earlier, everything is a compromise. More engine power/torque means additional stresses to the drivetrain. They have seen limitations with regards to power handling capabilities of the clutch, transmission, and other drivetrain components.

According Swedish Dynamics, the OEM clutch will exceed it’s power handling capabilities at around 225HP, maybe sooner. They have seen 900 5 speed transmissions handling more than 250HP without any problems…bad luck, however, may find you on a different playing field. These issues are not mentioned with the hopes of scaring you, they’d only like them to enlighten all those interested in increasing performance.

What it takes for the engine to support increased performance

Experts from Swedish Dynamics have found the OEM Saab engine to be quite supportive when it comes to increasing it’s output to approximately 250bhp. If targeting at or beyond this range, it will be a good idea to upgrade some potential weak links. They carry high performance forged pistons (Wiseco, JE, etc.), lightweight forged rods (titanium or Saenz chromemoly) which will include 295,000 psi hardware!

Higher RPMs of some engine applications may call for oversize valves, uprated valve springs, and a lightened rotating assembly.