Saab History

“Swangas” on a Saab

“Swangas” is a part of Slab Culture that show real love the American-made cars. Slab car can be made through extensive modification of Cadillacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles or certain Lincolns/Chryslers.

Yes there is a definition of a Slab it has to have the requirements to be a true slab all the way put together: Candy Paint, Swangas, 5th wheel, Grill, Pop truck, Belts and Buckles, TVs, Wood Wheel, Chrome woman, System, Glow Sign, vogue tires, sun roof, interior done…

In simple words, Swangas is rims from 1983 and 1984 but with bigger “elbows”. Extremely popular in south Texas and made for the wide open american spaces.

Just such “elbows” can be seen in some old photos of Saab cars, but these cars are not part of the Slab culture. These Swangas had their function in transporting cars from Sweden and Finland to the USA.

Trivia, 1965 and earlier Saab 93’s, 96’s when shipped from Sweden had no tie down hooks on the body. Every car was installed this tie down bracket that bolts to the wheel hub to attach the car to the floor of the ship.

Saab Exported in USA
This is 1958 model.

Once delivered, the tie downs were removed and sent back to Sweden! Also, it was definately they the way they were lifted, in and out, of the holds of the ships.