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Susanna’s Great Success with SAAB 9-3 in the “Time Attack” Series

Susanne Weléen and her Saab 9-3 SS Extreme Nordic

Susanne Weléen competed with her Saab 9-3 this year in the Time Attack” racing series and achieved notable success. Susanne, who is making her debut season in Time Attack and is actually on the track at all, has done well. She has grown as a driver during the year and feels more and more comfortable behind the wheel. And getting into a 610hp+ Saab 9-3 3 SS Nordic Extreme built by his father Rolf Uhr requires “some” courage.

She did not lack courage, and in her debut season she was at the top in as many as two classes in this racing series, and those are “Pro” and “Pro Mod“. Susanne justified the trust placed in her father Rolf, and proved that she came from a real Saab racing family. When she is not on the race track, she is a very successful business woman who is the founder and CEO of the company “Great Safe”, which deals with the rental of safety equipment and machines.

But, in addition to everything, it has an exceptional racing background, with her father Rolf’s racing and rally career, she is in principle “born and raised in a car”, also been a map reader (rally co-driver) for her father. Thus, she has racing “in the blood”.

This first season, she was behind the wheel of the reinforced famous car Saab 93 SS Nordic Extreme, which for this racing season has been boosted to 610HP and with a huge torque of 650Nm. The car’s weight has been lowered to only 1180 kg, which allows it to “take off” with a 610 hp engine. And at the same time, as her father testified, she did not make any mistakes in the Time Attack series.

In the “Time Attack” racing series, The cars start one by one, in other words no mass start. You run 5 races with timekeeping and are compared in time against your fellow competitors who run in the same competition class. There are knowledgeable and committed officials on site, emergency services and an experienced organization. During these great events and socializing on the race track and next to the track you develop as a driver and compete against the best drivers, you compete both against yourself and your fellow competitors.

The competitions are run on Sweden’s best courses: Ring Knutstorp (30 / 4-1 / 5), Kinnekulle Ring (11-13 / 6), Mantorp Park (1-3 / 7) and Gälleråsen Arena (27-29 / 8). It is also possible to compete abroad via Timeattack. The competition format is 7 classes: Amateur, Club, Club Challenge, Pro Street, Pro, Pro Mod and Unlimited. This division gives everyone the opportunity to compete against equivalent cars from sports, street and extreme cars.

Her team is led by father Rolf Uhr who is also the person who rebuilt the car to what it is today. Rolf himself has many years of experience in rally and racing and has himself participated in previous seasons of Timeattack. With great knowledge, interest and love for motorsport, Rolf and Susanne form the perfect success team.

There is no doubt that there will be more competitions for her, cheers Susanne and good luck in the upcoming races news season!

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