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Supercharged V8-Powered Pro Street Saab 900

ProStreet Saab 900 V8

An ad for the sale of the monstrous V8-Powered Saab 900 model with a special asking price of $ 25,995 has appeared on Ebay. Although it is also a highly modified Saab, at first glance everything is nicely packaged and there is no difference compared to some other common Aero model.

The only thing that reveals a part of the secret of this car ready for acceleration races are the huge tires on the rear axle and the air intake on the front hood. But these external modifications are quite imperceptible, and what is hidden is a real “monster” under the hood.

A monstrous Ford V8 under the hood of a Saab
A monstrous Ford V8 under the hood of a Saab

Now, fans of classic original Saab cars will certainly not like this drastic modification in the drivetrain, but there are also those who will gladly accept the replacement if they get unimaginable performance in return. But what exactly is under the hood, and why is it so unique?

The key thing is that the car got an a full Pro Street upgrade that includes a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 (Ford 302 small block engine), an upgraded suspension, custom interior, and a sleek look that instantly announces this one is something extra special. This V8 also has an intake of Edelbrock Performer in combination with Procharger supercharger, and of course a 5-speed manual transmission that transmits the power of this monster to the wheels and road.

Saab's super sporty interior with purple-yellow details
Saab’s super sporty interior with purple-yellow details

Also, in addition to the listed visible upgrades, the creators of this car have applied a non-factory combination of colors, which are quite flashy purple and silver. This combination certainly ensures that they will be noticed on the street, but again – fans of Saab classics and original factory colors will not like it. But, this is a special car, special purpose and fans of a slightly different “Swedish” taste.

The visual addition to this Pro Street frame is made up of some more details like Weld Racing wheels, and the Cobra-style 5.0 badges that hint at the upgrades within. However, there is no trace of the Swedish classic in the interior of the vehicle, this 900 is completely sporty, and there is also a flashy inevitable purple color in combination with yellow.

Distinct, powerful, and absolutely cool: you know you want this Pro Street Saab
Distinct, powerful, and absolutely cool: you know you want this Pro Street Saab

As for additional sports equipment that the classic 900 models do not have, there are: the racing seats, full racing harnesses, roll bar, toggle switches, and shift light on top of the dash. And further, It also has good supporting components, like an MSD Distributor, Accel electronic ignition, and an upgraded aluminum radiator. It’s a big power package that you fully control with a five-speed manual transmission. The upgraded front suspension, Ford 9-inch rear diff, power front disc brakes, and a ladder bar rear suspension are all there to make sure you confidently get the power to the pavement.

This Pro Street Saab is ready for fans of high accelerations and a slightly different type of Saab cars. Since this 1987 Saab 900 was fitted with new parts and an engine, and has since gone just over 5,000 miles, this car is practically new. If you like this style, all you have to do is see if the rather high price suits you.


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