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Superb Saab 99 with Audi Quattro AWD

Saab 99 Quattro

This is incredibly fast Saab! Gustav Nilsson (his Build Blog) build This Incredible Saab 99 Quattro is a miracle.

The car started life as an early-build 1969 Saab 99, which had around 85 horsepower.

Gustav Nilsson with his Saab 99 Quattro
Gustav Nilsson with his Saab 99 Quattro
It’s still got a Saab engine B202T, but it’s turned around backwards and mated to the Quattro 4WD system from a C4 generation Audi 100, and a turbocharging to the tune of 700+ horsepower (9.80/227km/t
709whp at 2.3 bar ). And then left to look rather stock.

So that’d be a 700+ whp Saab 99, that runs a 9.8 second quarter mile. It runs sub-10-second quarter-miles with ease, which includes a few tenths lost for wheelspin and manually shifting gears.

9.8 second car would beat all the fast & furious muppets :)

Best part is it does not look fast, but certainly sounds fast

Saab 99 Quattro Tests

Saab 99 Quattro vs tuned Toyota Supra

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