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Super Custom Saab 99

Super Custom Saab 99

Don’t Watch If you Have Weak Heart – also, Purists – Cover your eyes. This Saab customisation is not for everyone’s eyes.

On the pages of Swedish Classified ads appeared an ad for sale of a specially redesigned Saab 99 modelMost of the cusmized classic Saabs share similar technical upgrades and under-the-hood mods.

However, there are also those who stand out from the crowd and and still manages to capture our attention. This is just one such instance.

Saab 99 full customised

Basically this is classic Saab 99, but… It has big gullwing openings, Completely changed interior, has extended hips and wide tires, and the amount of work that gone in to it is mind boggling. By all odds, the owner was reading a lot of Lowrider magazine from the ’70s and ’80s and applied the ideas to the raw material they had to-hand.

Custom interior of Saab 99

According to statements by many Saab fans – The built is actually very impressive. The whole car has been widened and the boot opens with a button from the inside.

Love it or hate but the builder definitely have skills. If you compare this car with old Swedish tuning cars, you will see that they have similarities.

Saab 99

Is it any surprise that it wound up selling for nearly the price of a new Volvo XC60 – 500,000SEK or ~€50,000? This is for real. A time capsule 99  – Road legal Saab 99 1971 from back then for sale in Sweden.  The current owner is inherited from the first one who did customize the car in the 80’s. Great condition, something great for a car museum or collector.