Strong Sleeper: Saab 900 NG (616 hp / 700 Nm)

Tuned Saab 900 NGTuned Saab 900 NG

This monstrous tuned Saab 900 NG was built in Finland, right next to the city of Helsinki.

Proud Owner of this car Toni Jarimo has a lot invested in Saab 900 NG, and in cooperation with the tuning house NF Metals they have made a miracle – a monster that is the last dyno-measurement showed 616 hp / 700 Nm!

Tuned Saab B234 engine
Tuned Saab B234 engine

Outwardly, the Saab 900 looks like a classic family car, in addition to having the front bumper of the Viggen and Cosworth wing in the rear, in a word – a real street sleeper.

Tuned Saab 900 NG
Tuned Saab 900 NG

The list of changes on the car is a huge (B234, Elring,Wössner pistons, Manifold by Sami Virta, 2200cc injectors, Quaife Differential, Nordic springs…), and the last modification was inserting Holset HX40 Super turbo charger (turbine 68mm, housing #20). Some tuners are skeptical of this solution, but as we see in this case – this combination works very well.

See footage from the dynamometer from yesterday:

Saab NG900 B234 616hp Cold Start

Saab NG900. B234. HX40super 20#. Doing 0,4bar boost already on 1st gear @3k rpm.