“Stolen” Saab 9-3 flipped onto its roof, into a sand trap

"Stolen" Saab 9-3 flipped onto its roof, into a sand trap

Interesting Saab story happened in 2010 when 20 year old Matthew Diulio rolled his Saab 9-3 into a sand trap on a golf course, then reported it “stolen”.

Well, conveniently enough, not long after this car was found, Matthew F. Diulio reported that his car — a black Saab 9-3 — had been stolen. Look at that — a law-enforcement circle closed nice and neat.

saab 2

Except that it wasn’t. Turns out that the cops had some suspicions about the whole “stolen” aspect of this, and they arrested Diulio for filing a false police report. Diulio admitted that he and a pal had taken the car for a little impromptu tour of the Topstone Golf Course, and ended up in a most unfortunately placed bunker.

Before cratering, Diulio caused an estimated $10,000 worth of damage to the golf course. We’re betting he won’t be earning it by driving the beer cart.

Thanks to solid construction of Saab 9-3, although it overturned on the roof, did not suffer extensive damage.


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