Stig explains driving techniques on curves in his Saab 96 Rallycar

Saab 96 Rally Stig BlomqvistSaab 96 Rally Stig Blomqvist

This is a fantastic documentary about rally racing legend Stig Blomqvistand his car Saab 96.  Stig made his international breakthrough in 1971 just in the model Saab 96. Stig Blomqvist acquired his driving licence at the age of 18, and immediately took second place in a 1964 local rally event near the Swedish town of Karlstad, behind the wheel of a Saab 96.

Stig proceeded to drive with the Saab team, and achieved his first international victories in 1971; winning the Swedish Rally…

Blomqvist in the Saab 99 Turbo (Hunsrück-Rallye 1980)
Blomqvist in the Saab 99 Turbo (Hunsrück-Rallye 1980)

In this short documentary (with subtitles in English) Stig explains and showing his curve tecnique with his Saab 96 rallycar: