Stenhaga Invest Secures 100% Ownership of SAAB Factory: A Triumph in Trollhättan’s Auto Revival!

Stenhaga Invest: Reviving the Heart of Trollhättan with Full Ownership of SAAB Factory

New Dawn: Stenhaga Invest Assumes Full Control of the Iconic SAAB Factory in Trollhättan

In a monumental development, Stenhaga Invest AB has solidified its position as the sole owner of the former SAAB automobile factory in Trollhättan. This achievement comes after months of strategic negotiations and meticulous planning, reaffirming Stenhaga Invest’s commitment to reviving the industrial legacy of the Saab brand in Trollhättan. Let’s explore this transformative journey in detail, building upon the previously mentioned facts.

In May, Stenhaga Invest set its sights on acquiring 80% of the former SAAB automobile factory from NEVS, which had owned it since 2012. Fast forward to today, and the deal has been sealed. Svante Andersson, CEO of Stenhaga Invest, led the charge in this strategic acquisition, which promises a bright future for Trollhättan and the automotive industry. Let’s delve into the details of this significant development.

The Transformational Acquisition

As previously discussed, Stenhaga Invest’s journey began with the acquisition of 80% of the former SAAB factory’s facilities from NEVS. This comprehensive deal encompassed 320,000 square meters of buildings and offices, as well as 800,000 square meters of land, complete with machinery and equipment. This significant acquisition laid the foundation for a new beginning in Trollhättan’s industrial landscape.

The Future of Saab’s Genetic Code

With their newfound control over the majority of the factory, Stenhaga Invest has set its sights on preserving and evolving the genetic code of Saab. As mentioned earlier, NEVS had confidentially identified a buyer for its electric vehicle production project based on the NEVS Emily GT prototype. Developed by former Saab engineers and designers, these electric vehicles are poised to carry on the legacy of Saab into the future. With Stenhaga Invest now holding the reins, the future of Saab’s genetic code becomes even more promising.

Enthusiastic Attendees at SLD2023 Get a First Look at the NEVS EMILY GT Prototype
Enthusiastic Attendees at SLD2023 Get a First Look at the NEVS EMILY GT Prototype

Unveiling the 100% Ownership

In a groundbreaking development, it was officially announced on Thursday, November 17, 2023, that Stenhaga Invest AB has successfully concluded the acquisition of the remaining 20% stake of the former SAAB factory from NEVS.

This momentous achievement cements Stenhaga Invest as the undisputed, 100% owner of the iconic SAAB factory. The news was met with great enthusiasm and anticipation within the industry and the Trollhättan community.

In a momentous turn of events, Stenhaga Invest has emerged as the new custodian of the revered SAAB factory. The finalization of the agreement with NEVS on Thursday was met with jubilation and excitement, as Svante Andersson, CEO of Stenhaga Invest, enthusiastically expressed, “Det känns jättebra!” (It feels fantastic!)

This sentiment underscores the optimism and ambition that surround this new chapter in Trollhättan’s history. With the former SAAB factory under their ownership, Stenhaga Invest aims to play a pivotal role in the development of Stallbacka, bringing with it the promise of new employment opportunities for the community.

On that fateful Thursday, all the puzzle pieces clicked into place, officially transferring ownership of the former SAAB factory to Stenhaga Invest. This acquisition encompasses not only the sprawling 320,000 square meters of prime real estate but also a vast expanse of 800,000 square meters, inclusive of machinery and equipment. The meticulous negotiations and deliberations had paid off, as Andersson noted, “Vi har suttit hela dan och nu är tillträdet klart” (We have been working all day, and now the access is clear).

Clarifying Stenhaga Invest’s Acquisition: NEVS retains a 20% stake in this company

In a bid to provide accurate clarity regarding Stenhaga Invest’s acquisition, it is essential to address recent statements made by Frank Smit, Vice President Vehicle Solutions at NEVS. Smit has offered a more detailed perspective on the transaction that warrants our attention.

The acquisition by Stenhaga Invest involves the purchase of 80% of the shares in the real estate company, which encompasses the manufacturing plant buildings and land area previously owned by NEVS. As it stands, NEVS retains a 20% stake in this company.

This nuanced clarification is crucial in understanding the intricacies of the deal. While Stenhaga Invest has indeed acquired the majority of the SAAB factory’s assets, NEVS maintains a significant foothold in the ownership structure. This dynamic underscores the importance of cooperative efforts between the two entities and leaves the door open for potential future collaborations or developments in the automotive industry.

As Stenhaga Invest takes the reins of the factory, the division of ownership highlights the shared responsibility and shared opportunities that lie ahead. Trollhättan’s industrial landscape is set for a transformative journey led by Stenhaga Invest, in collaboration with NEVS, with the potential to reshape the region’s automotive future.

This is what the product line at the automotive factory in Trollahattan looked like in the last days of the SAAB company's existence.
This is what the product line at the automotive factory in Trollahattan looked like in the last days of the SAAB company’s existence.

A Visionary Future

With full ownership of the SAAB factory, Stenhaga Invest is poised to become a driving force behind the revitalization of Trollhättan’s industrial landscape. The factory, steeped in automotive history, now represents a beacon of hope for the region, promising job opportunities, economic growth, and a revival of the Saab brand’s spirit.

A Decisive Leap Towards Trollhättan’s Automotive Renaissance

In conclusion, Stenhaga Invest’s journey from acquiring 80% to now assuming 100% ownership of the former SAAB factory marks a significant milestone in Trollhättan’s history. The transition from a strategic acquisition to complete ownership reaffirms Stenhaga Invest’s dedication to Trollhättan’s industrial future.

As they embark on this transformative journey, the legacy of Saab remains at the forefront of their efforts, with the full potential to shape a brighter future for Trollhättan and the automotive industry as a whole. The world watches with anticipation as Trollhättan enters this exciting new era under the stewardship of Stenhaga Invest AB.

As the factory takes on new purpose under their leadership, it holds the promise of ushering in new employment opportunities, contributing to Trollhättan’s resurgence, and becoming an integral part of the city’s future.


  • Fantastic news, I can’t wait to see the gorgeous creations that roll off the Trollhatton line.
    I’ll place my order straight away.
    The Sun will shine once again.

    • I have 3x 1992 5door turbo’s all in mint condition the last 25yrsf and so glad we’re finally getting some light at the end of this tunnel.
      Saab forever!

  • SAAB cars all my driving life (i,m 89 yrs). From 96 sport through all the models,now to the peak finishing with
    93 Carlsson ,2011 white 93 cabriolet 2.8 , and 95 estate. I own these with a smile on my face! A backup on rainy days,my Steinway grand on my Liszt.
    Best of luck in Trallhatten In my garage I have pictures of workers building the 96 two-strokes phut,phut!

    • No electric. They will collapse with everyone else. Build carburetor
      900’s on the side as backup cars and tell all lefty governments to “F” themselves to hell. Then when the world turns back to the dark ages ,you can become a super power, cause you will have the only combustion engine cars ready to go,when the EV junk fails miserably. Besides, why continue the GM turd platform anyway. Go back to the thing that made Saab an icon with it’s looks and reliability. Let the rest of the world burn.

  • I never gave up on Saab no matter what. Now our commitment to saab vindicates us. It’s always been the quality of the product. It can be expensive but Nothing drives like a Saab, Nothing at all. I am sooooo happy. And in your face. GM!!!!!!

  • Very exciting and promising news. I’m in hope the SAAB brand will grow becoming a strong market contender, and that previous mistakes are not repeated.

    I own a 9-3 cabriolet, a very nice vehicle, but sadly the electrics, and fibre optic technology, are not reliable, which seems to be the case with most SAAB cars.

    Constructive criticism.

  • I really hope they build Saabs again..I am on number 5 now..great cars…great engineering..emily GT perhaps….sign me up for one 😀

  • We are 6 in The Thing family all driving Saab 9-5, except our father he want to keep is 9000T. after 60 years With only Saab – From 1963 Two stroke, V4, 99, 900 but as an 100 years – Living and still driving – he Think The 9000 is still The best – looking forward for a new Saab generation From Trollhättan – go for it!!
    HC Thing

    • Great news for Saab fan and drivers, Trollhättan’s people and all Sweden.
      From France I love Saab’s spirit of driving for years. I bought 13 saab, brought 10 from Sweden and own actually 4 Saab… In less than 8 years. I made discover Saab to my son, girl friend, neighbors and friends who now drive Saab.
      When I was 20, I so wish I could have had a 900 turbo 16 but it was too expensive for my first salary… 30 years after I offer me beautiful saabs and so eager to see the rebirth of the griffin with the Emily GT project.
      Go Saab… Back to the future!

  • I have owned five SAABs beginning with the first intercooled turbo 900, the 1991 9000 2.3 turbo 1997 900turbo and a 2003 and 2007 aero’s. Welcome back. To bad you can’t use the SASB name. Look forward to the Emily GT

  • Would buy another SAAB in a heart beat! Have had eight over the years and nothing else compares to comfort and technology. SAAB was way ahead of its time. American cars can’t compare.
    Where do I send my deposit to hold one?
    Owning a SAAB is a cult. Didn’t believe it until I had one!

  • `Helaas, ik heb nu mijn 3e en 4e Saab, geweldige auto’s. Kan ze een ieder aanbevelen, rijden subliem, zijn voordelig in onderhoud, de (oude motoren) zijn fantastisch, ga er voor om ze rijdend te houden, ik bezit er nu 2 een 9-5 en een Cabrio 900 uit 1997. ik vind het sublieme auto mobielen!

  • Driving a Saab just makes me smile. I have owned 5 Saabs since 1976 and even now, with my 2007 9-5 Aero, prefer driving a Saab to any other car. Congratulations and welcome back!!!
    I look forward to seeing Saabs available in the western USA during my lifetime!

  • Thank you for the good news. Myself I remained the same SAAB lover, after 97 SE convertible( Talladega ) 2009 9-3, 2006 Convertible Aero, and 2011 9-5 v6. I still have the last three and I feel way better.

  • The most exciting and promising automotive news in years.
    The re-emergence of SAAB!
    Swedish technology, quality, innovation, reliability, performance and comfort.
    Although I am bordering on 89, I very much look forward to seeing and owning one of the new breed from Trollhattan. I still love driving and that would be the crowning moment of my life.
    Mike Yorkshire, UK

  • I own my 9-3 since 2010 (new) and I will never sell it. Still drives as a new car. I sincerely hope that new models with petrol will be produced.

  • We have been a SAAB family since 1989
    ’86 900 S 5 Speed Wife’s
    ’84 900 S 5 Speed Wife’s
    ’82 900 turbo 5 Speed Mine
    ’88 900 turbo Auto Mine
    ’87 9000s 5 Speed Mine
    ’95 9000 CS 5 Speed Mine
    ’95 9000 CS Auto Mine
    ’96 9000 CS Auto Wife’s
    ’03 9-5 Linear Wagon 5 Speed Wife’s
    ’07 9-3 2.0 Auto Wife’s

    Ge Inte Upp Om Saab!

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