Stenhaga Invest Progresses Towards Acquisition of Saab Factory

Stenhaga Invest's Ambitious Plans for the Historic Saab Factory and a Bright Future for Trollhättan

Svante Andersson: "I know who they are but it's not something I want to talk about. It may come from Nevs but I can say that it is a significant part of the factory that they will use, also offices and they need to employ a large number of employees"

In the quiet town of Trollhättan, Sweden, where the iconic Saab automobiles were once manufactured, there is a buzz of anticipation in the air. The Saab factory, which has been dormant for years, is now on the verge of a new beginning, and Stenhaga Invest, the new property owner, is taking significant steps towards revitalizing the facility. Recent developments suggest that the long-anticipated transformation of this historic site may finally be on the horizon.

Stenhaga Invest’s Ambitious Plans

Stenhaga Invest, led by CEO Svante Andersson, has been at the forefront of efforts to breathe new life into the Saab factory. The company’s ambitious plans involve the acquisition of 80% of NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) properties, including the factory and office spaces in the Stallbacka area. The aim of the deal was initially set for completion on June 1st.

While the timeline has been extended, Svante Andersson remains optimistic about the progress of the acquisition. “In some cases, things take longer than expected, but it will take the time it takes,” he states, highlighting the complexity of such substantial transactions.

Sneak Peek into the Future: NEVS Emily GT Prototype, Soon to Potentially Ignite a New Era of Production in Trollhättan.
Sneak Peek into the Future: NEVS Emily GT Prototype, Soon to Potentially Ignite a New Era of Production in Trollhättan.

The Complex Negotiations

In addition to the acquisition of NEVS properties, negotiations with a European investor who has signed an intention agreement to purchase the Emily and Pons projects from NEVS have been ongoing. These projects are expected to play a pivotal role in the future of the Trollhättan factory, as they involve the production of electric vehicles based on the engineering expertise of former Saab engineers and designers, including Simon Padian.

Svante Andersson acknowledges that these negotiations are complex and time-consuming due to the involvement of large corporations and the significant scale of the operations. However, he expresses confidence that progress is being made and that discussions are moving forward in the right direction.

Interest from a Multitude of Stakeholders

One intriguing aspect of the Saab factory’s revival is the considerable interest it has garnered from various stakeholders. Svante Andersson maintains close contact with numerous parties interested in utilizing the factory’s facilities for various purposes. This suggests that the future of the site could potentially encompass a diverse range of activities, not limited solely to automobile manufacturing.

Ex-Saab sign in Stallbacka
Ex-Saab sign in Stallbacka

Changing the Face of Stallbacka

The removal of NEVS signage from the roads leading to the Stallbacka area is symbolic of the transformation underway. While the iconic Saab signs were replaced by NEVS signage, these too have now been taken down. It remains to be seen whether new signs will be erected in the future, heralding a new era for the factory and the surrounding region.

The Classic Saab Legacy

For those who hold a deep affinity for Saab, there is a sense of nostalgia associated with the factory’s transformation. The classic Saab nameplates may have disappeared, but the foundations of the brand still echo in the memories of car enthusiasts worldwide. The factory’s vast buildings, once the heart of Saab’s innovative engineering, still bear the NEVS name on their facades, a reminder of the recent past.

Sneak Peek into the Future: NEVS Emily GT Prototype Making Waves on the Test Track

The Future of Trollhättan

As Stenhaga Invest moves closer to finalizing the acquisition of the Saab factory, the town of Trollhättan is on the cusp of a transformation that could redefine its economic landscape. The extensive property, spanning 320,000 square meters with an additional 800,000 square meters of land, along with the factory’s machinery and equipment, presents a wealth of opportunities for the future.

Svante Andersson for Ttela has emphasized the strategic advantages of the location, with its proximity to transportation infrastructure, including roads, railways, river transport, and an airport. These logistical benefits could position the site as an attractive hub for various industries.

The story of Trollhättan’s automotive renaissance

The revival of the Saab factory in Trollhättan, under the ownership of Stenhaga Invest, is a development that has captured the imagination of many. While negotiations and processes have taken longer than initially anticipated, the project is moving forward steadily. The involvement of a European investor and the potential for manufacturing electric vehicles in the factory hold promise for the future.

The removal of NEVS signage symbolizes the transition from the past to the present, and eventually, to the future. The classic Saab legacy, known for its innovative engineering and design, continues to inspire car enthusiasts and industry observers.

Trollhattan city will now have a large area at its disposal within the former SAAB factory
Trollhattan city will now have a large area at its disposal within the former SAAB factory

As the acquisition nears completion and the factory’s destiny unfolds, Trollhättan is poised for a resurgence that could revitalize not only a historic site but also the hopes and dreams of those who hold Saab close to their hearts. The story of Trollhättan’s automotive renaissance is one that will be closely watched by enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, as it holds the promise of writing a new chapter in the town’s storied automotive history.


  • SWEDISH > Ajdå. Är det köparen som är problemet eller är det avtalet? Tror många av oss förstod att något var lurt när köparen aldrig blev offentlig för ett par veckor sedan. Håller tummarna att alla parter ror det här i land nu, även om försäljningen ser ut att gå lika åt fanders som det gick för SAAB 2012.

    ENGLISH > Ouch. Is the buyer the problem or is it the contract? I think many of us understood that something was wrong when the buyer never became public a couple of weeks ago. Fingers crossed that all parties row this ashore now, even if the sales seem to go as much to the fanders as it did to SAAB in 2012.

    • If there are plans to reignite the name Saab for cars etc then the investor group need to have all their ‘ducks in a row’ to completely convince Saab/Scania board of directors to use the name…
      Something like the “Shark Tank!?” I really wish them well!

  • There has never been an automobile like Saab! It was built to last and beside it’s amazing appearance it is mechanically the most incredible car I have ever had the pleasure to own and drive. I look forward to hearing more about the acquisition!!!

  • Molim Velikog Manitua da ovaj put bude nešto od te tvonice!Vozim SAAB devet godina i nebih nikada vozio nešto drugo,auti su ikona,legenda,ma priča za sebe!

  • I wish all the involved parties success to get to the final agreement and reignite Saab.
    As already said, and also me as a industrial design engineer, Saab merits definitely a place also in the future.
    Owned and drives Saabs since 1993, and I am in the end of my professional career and would like to contribute to all Saab owners and design, manufacture special parts very soon for our beloved cars!

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