Spyker in trouble

The court in central Netherlands ruled on Wednesday that sports car builders Spyker must evacuate their factory in Zeewolde within 7 days and must pay over 152 thousand euro in rental arrears.

The landlord of the property, Jacques Walch, had previously sent several notices to the address of the car manufacturer. The rent has been in arrears for more than 7 months. Every time Spyker promised improvements, but these promises were never fulfilled.

Spyker has been suffering from financial troubles for some time. This past summer the Tax Authorities temporarily seized Spyker’s content because of an outstanding debt. A planned auction of some exclusive cars, engines and transmissions was called off at the last moment when it appeared that Spyker had paid the amount.

The company caused a worldwide sensation early in 2010 by taking over Saab from GM. The acquisition was a failure and Saab had to file for bankruptcy in December 2011.

Spyker then tried to get compensation of $3 billion from GM for thwarting a takeover of Saab by a Chinese consortium. This claim was recently rejected on appeal.

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