Spy Shots: Beijing Auto C51X – based on platform of the Saab 9-3

The best spy shots so far of the new Beijing Auto C51X SUV, scheduled to debut on the Guangzhou Auto Show in November. The C51X will be sold under the Senova/Shenbao brand, and the latest reports in Chinese automotive media indicate it will be called C60X when it hits the China car market in Q1 2015.

Beijing Auto says the C51X is based on their Matrix platform, which is derived from the platform of the Saab 9-3. BAIC, the mother company of Beijing Auto, bought the rights the the platforms for the Saab 9-3 and the last-generation Saab 9-5 from GM in 2009. The deal included the Saab-developed 2.0 turbo and 2.3 turbo engines.