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Special Saab 900 Turbo Pick-Up for Sale

Saab 900 NG Pickup

Here’s another interesting modified Saab car –  this time it’s a Saab pick-up (pickup truck) based on Saab 900 NG with  Saab B234R engine.

We all know that Americans love trucks (pickups)- just ask the nearly 10 million people who bought trucks and SUVs in America last year. Hatchback and a minivan; they are pretty practical vehicles for almost every task, but there are situations where they can’t take the place of a something that is specifically designed to load and unload large items.

Also, there are some items that you just don’t want to transport inside a car. The right answer to these challenges is the pick-up car.

Saab 900 NG pickup for Sale
Saab 900 NG pickup for Sale

Yet, this very special Saab pickup comes from Estonia, city of Tallinn – not from America, but is just as practical as its cousins from USA.

And not only that, this pick-up is one of the fastest in its class, thanks to a built-in B234R 2.3 l engine that produces 220 bhp. The B234R  motor will take the Saab Pickup to 100kmph in 6.5 seconds, and Max Speed is 210 km/h.

Saab Cargo space - very good finishing
Saab Cargo space – very good finishing

Saab was Registered in Estonia, inspection valid until 04.2018,  and price of this practical and fast pickup is 19,500 euros (today ~21,792 US Dollar).

Saab pickup