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Special Saab 900 Turbo: A Modifying Melting Pot

Alfa Romeo Saab 900 Turbo

As far as we can see on instagram account @triplemmmdesign, this Saab project is the work of international design group Mark Miller (MMM).

There are dozens of trendy car tuning – modification cultures out there, and some are quite obscure. Modified cars can be significantly different from their stock counterparts. Some of the many different styles and visual influences to car modification are: EURO style, Lowrider, Stance, German Look, Japan style, Korean

The creator’s idea was to merge several different modification cultures, And as you can see, he has done quite well in his intentions. This modified Saab 900 Turbo is mixture of classic Saab 900, Alfa Romeo (Giulia), BMW 02 Series

Saab Alfa BMW hybrid

Of course, such an “experiment” may not be to everyones taste, but we find that this project is very interesting because it connects great car icons – Saab, BMW & Alfa Romeo.

Saab 900 - Rear end (BMW-like)
Saab 900 – Rear end (BMW-like)
Custom Saab 900 - a view from the side
Custom Saab 900 – a view from the side

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