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Shiny Saab 96 “Green Cucumber”

Matt's Saab 96

Here’s another interesting, warm and at the same time incredible Saab story from cold Canada.

Matt Stimpson loved his first car, a 1971 Saab 96, so much that he had to bring the “Green Cucumber“, as his friends nicknamed it, with him when he immigrated to Canada (from UK).

According to his confession, his Saab addiction began before he could even drive. Matt’s father, a used car trader in the U.K., had a reputation for being “a Saab guy” who was always running 99/900 and 9000 Turbos, incredibly rapid cars in the ’70s and ’80s, as their family hacks. Matt was hooked, not only by their speed, but Saab’s innovation and quirks…

Saab 96

After a lot of time, A job opportunity took Mat to Canada in 1999. And he did not want to separate from his favorite car – Saab 96. He moved the car to a new address and started a Saab rescue project.

After a lot of effort, the old Saab again shone in full, green shine…

Read the full story of this interesting story on the local Canadian media page.

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