Secret Investor’s Stealthy Visit to Trollhättan Sparks Progress for NEVS’ Emily GT Project

Unlocking Progress: Secret Investor's Visit Ignites NEVS' Emily GT Project in Trollhättan

A Glimpse into the Future: NEVS' Emily GT Prototype Captures Attention on the Streets of Trollhättan

Recent developments in Trollhättan shed light on the intriguing progress of NEVS’ Emily GT project and the covert investor orchestrating its revival. As meetings solidify plans for automotive production within Saab’s historic halls, the narrative of a Swedish-made electric vehicle, entwined with Saab’s legacy, gains momentum.

A Convergence of Minds

In a rendezvous veiled in secrecy, the enigmatic buyer of the Nevs Emily GT electric car project has come to the forefront. The blueprints for resuming vehicle production within the historic walls of the Saab factory in Trollhättan have taken concrete shape and brightened substantially following these recent meetings. The purchaser’s vision is unwaveringly clear – a Swedish product, with deep-rooted ties to Trollhättan, echoing the Saab legacy.

Last Wednesday marked a crucial moment as Nevs, Stenhaga Invest (the factory owner), the municipality of Trollhättan, and the undisclosed investor with an ardor for reviving automotive manufacturing in the Saab factory convened.

NEVS Emily GT in Night Mode
NEVS Emily GT in Night Mode

The ambitious plan unfurls: breathing life back into the factory for the production of Nevs Emily GT electric car and the self-driving Nevs PONS. The endeavor is anticipated to generate jobs for a staggering 1500 to 2000 individuals, with production purportedly slated to commence immediately after summer.

Optimism Grows

Svante Andersson, the entrepreneur and majority owner of Saab’s factory through Stenhaga Invest, expressed his newfound optimism after the meeting, stating, “We met with the buyer last Wednesday, and I’m now even more confident in the completion of the Emily and Pons projects. Everything feels meticulously planned and serious, leading me to believe that Trollhättan will once again embrace automotive production.”

NEVS Emily GT at Trollhattan test track
NEVS Emily GT at Trollhattan test track

While the intricate details of the deal remain concealed, the identities of the investors embarking on this automotive renaissance remain undisclosed. The heritage of Saab stands pivotal in their decision to invest in Nevs Emily GT, symbolizing their commitment to fostering a Swedish product.

Andersson attests to this sentiment, noting, “The buyer wants it to be a Swedish product, entwined with the history of Trollhättan, particularly Saab’s legacy. Furthermore, the buyer acknowledges the expertise inherent in and around Trollhättan, a city with a decades-long history of automotive craftsmanship.”

A Name Rooted in Heritage

The nomenclature for the vehicle, however, remains an enigma, with the intricate challenge of forging a connection to Saab’s history looming ahead. Notably, Saab Group, a defense conglomerate, has categorically declined any use of the Saab brand for automotive production, ruling out their own involvement in car development. Despite this, Nevs’ Emily GT, designed in secrecy by Saab engineers at Nevs’ Trollhättan facility in a mere ten months, stands as a testament to their commitment.

The NEVS Emily GT, according to Top Gear's Tom Ford, feels like a normal electric super saloon with fast acceleration, precise steering, and impressive handling capabilities, making it a truly remarkable driving experience.
The NEVS Emily GT, according to Top Gear’s Tom Ford, feels like a normal electric super saloon with fast acceleration, precise steering, and impressive handling capabilities, making it a truly remarkable driving experience.

Featuring a motor per wheel, Nevs’ Emily GT boasts exceptional road handling, a 1000-kilometers range, and more spacious interiors compared to its electric counterparts. The vehicle houses a 120-horsepower motor on each wheel, amassing to a remarkable 480 horsepower. A later iteration promises a total of 653 horsepower and 2,200 Nm, harnessed from four-wheel motors. This configuration propels the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just over three seconds.

An Inclusive Vision

The agreement encompasses not only Nevs Emily GT but also Nevs’ self-driving system, Pons. Previously described as a mobility system, PONS introduces the autonomous Sango vehicle, navigating city streets sans driver at speeds of approximately 50 km/h.

Sango PONS cars by NEVS in Trollhattan
Sango PONS cars by NEVS in Trollhattan

As the shroud of secrecy gradually lifts, the dynamic interplay between historical legacy, technological innovation, and the anticipation of automotive revival come together to script a new chapter for Trollhättan and the global electric vehicle landscape.


  • The Brand should be rebadged as Griffin or Phoenix (remember the concept car?) and name Emily is actually good and easy to remember. End of discussion with Saab AG, no more Saab´s. Let´s close the conversation with those guys, even the commercial that they did was obnoxious.
    Griffin or Phoenix.

  • Please, not Phœnix! It is far too clichéd. And who wants an EV named after a bird that sets fire to itself!

    There are plenty of good names in SAAB’s and Swedish mythology’s back-catalogue. Griffin, Viggen, Draken, Aero (probably not available as a brand), Troll, Carlsson (If the late great Eric’s family approved). Or perhaps the name of the person whose vision it is to make this work.

    Whatever it turns out to be, I wish them well on their venture. They will need deep pockets – Ineos/Ratcliffe-like deep pockets. Looking forward excitedly to seeing this work out.

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