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SCD16 – Swedish Car Day 2015 – Larz Anderson Auto Museum

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum  (Brookline, MA, USA) is home to “America’s Oldest Car Collection”.

For over 85 years the Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been supporting the community through a variety of educational programs, exhibits, and lectures.

Swedish Car Day

Swedish cars have rightfully earned a stellar reputation for ruggedness, quality and dependability. That means there are plenty of classic Swedish cars still out there and, luckily for us, many of these neat old Saabs and Volvos will fill up the lawn for this Scandinavian sensation. As in the previous 15 years, andthis year will hold a gathering called “SCD16 – Swedish Car Day 2015“, which will be held on 23 August 2015.

a poster that announced previously gathering
a poster that announced previously gathering

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