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‘Scary’ Head-on Collision in Hungary

Saab 9-5 collided with Audi A6

A fiery head-on collision between a Audi A6 Avant and a Saab 9-5 SportWagon closes Road 88 near city of Sárvár in Hungary for hours Saturday afternoon.

Actually, this was a multiple vehicle collision – a traffic accident involving 4 vehicles.

Saab and Audi collided head-on accident

For now, the official did not know the causes of accidents,  but it is indicative that the Audi A6 driver lost control of the vehicle. It is assumed that the driver of the Audi had a heart attack, he lost consciousness and control of the vehicle. The Audi had collided with the side of a Toyota, and then with another vehicle – Opel.

In the end, the driver of the Audi was frontally collided with Saab 9-5. Audi driver died in the accident (probably of a heart attack). Driver and passenger in the Saab were severely injured, but somehow survived this terrible crash – They were airlifted to hospital.

Saab 9-5 after scary crash
Saab 9-5 Wagon after scary frontal crash
Audi's wreck after crash
Audi’s wreck after crash


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