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SAUNAAB – Mobile Sauna projects

Mobile saunas are nothing new, there are different types and shapes. Yes, this is a traditional Finnish style wood stove sauna built in a Saab cars. This is not the first sauna in a car or truck, but the interesting thing is that several Saab cars are converted into “mobile saunas“.

Some Saabs just come with an extra special goodie – like this rolling Swede – In 2002, Magnus Bjork decided to take on this project by converting his 1980 SAAB 900 5-door into mobile sauna.

Magnus B. and his Saab Sauna

His project is named “SAUNAAB” (SaunAABathing). This is one way to tune a Saab, lets call it the sauna edition. This SAUNAAB or “Sauna” (“Bastu” in Swedish) as we commonly would refer to it as, is the first known conversion of a classic Saab 900 into a full-blown Sauna.

Mobile Sauna in Saab

This mobile sauna comfortalby seats 4 people and, believe you or not, “up to seven”. To avoid cracking the windshield and to keep the hot rocks below the bathers the stove is low and wide and heated by propane gas. There’s also a Barbeque under the hood of the Saab.

Saab 900 Barbeque

Also, besides this model 900, there’s more than three Saab 96 sauna heating up in Finland.

Saab Sauna

The owners of these special cars gather at Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva, Finland. In the tiny Teuva municipality on the West Coast of Finland, mobile saunas get together at the beginning of August. There are only two rules for the saunas. Firstly, they have to be mobilised and secondly, they have to big enough that one person can bathe in the sauna.