“Safety Car” Style LED Flasher on Saab 9-5

This custom LED Lights on Saab 9-5 very similar to the LED lights at SAAB 9-3,  and very well integrated into the uncluttered design of 9-5 Headlights.

But that’s not all, this LED have an interesting feature – Flasher function, which you can see in the following video. Driving through bad weather, its definitely got the authentic “Safety Car” run look to it.  However, everything depends on the legal framework in your country, whether these type od lights can be mounted on the car.


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  • Hey,
    I have a 9-3 ss with stock leds on top. is it possible to replace or upgrade these into the safety car ones?
    Please let me know whether or not you have an option for this and know how to do it :)

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