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Sacrilegious?: The Saab Gangster Car by Chop Shop

Saab 900 by Chop Shop

Bangla Bangers, later followed by sequel-series “Chop Shop: London Garage“, was a reality program on the Discovery Channel about Bangladeshi coachbuilder Nizamuddin “Leepu” Awlia and Cockney mechanic Bernie Fineman, or briefly “Bernie and Leepu“.

In every episode they and their team “attempt” to build a supercar in a mere matter of weeks out of an automobile which they generally obtain from a wrecking yard.

Starting point:

In one of the episodes this lovely duo had the task of transforming a classic Saab into “a new quality”. In this episode, one of the viewers, pop legend and hardman actor Martin Kemp, asked The Chop Shop team to transform a good old Saab 900 into a modded East End gangster car(?!).

Works are ongoing …

Below, see how it turned out:

Having dragged Martin to a road test at Santa Pod Raceway when the custom car wasn’t ready, Martin soon discovered that the car wasn’t just unfinished – it was unsafe! Now Chop Shop’s task is clear.

They must make the car safe but beautiful, and get Martin back on side for the reveal at a British GT event at Rockingham race track. All in just three weeks’ time…

Never seen that before but I agree it’s horrendous.

However, this monstrous car had a disagreeable end, this car being flattened by a monster truck at a VW event:


  • Didn’t it sell at auction for about £2,000.00 a few months after the show.

  • Some people have vision, some people have skills, very few have both as demonstrated by this car.

  • This car looked horendous. does this guy really think he is a car designer or any sort of designer for that matter. Martin Kemp is obvioulsy desperate for money to get involved in such a rubbish show, or desperate to be seen on TV? the whole thing is very sad and a total waste of money and TV time.

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