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Saab is Back! www.19dec2011.comSaab is Back!

After the hunt for Aurora borealis , Saab guy Marcus Bergfeldt embarked on a new “Saabtastic” Saab project, this time on the Web. In fact, this is not a short-term project and he has not just started it, but he has been working on it for a long time because the project is very demanding.

The project has a symbolic name, just like the web domain, and the date is December 19, 2011, when Saab Automobile was filed for bankruptcy. Marcus’ primary goal is to collect as much material and information as possible for this site, which has been officially published by Saab Automobile, up to the moment before it declared bankruptcy – after 60 years in automotive industry.

Marcus emulates on this site the state of the website and the special applications of the Saab USA branch, with a condition that was just around December 19, 2011. In fact, it’s not the original look of website design, but much simpler and more transparent, in true Scandinavian style.

Saab Phoenix project in way back machine
Saab Phoenix project in way back machine

The Saab Phoenix project

When we say he has collected a lot of material, we mean photos, promotional texts, magazine, bulletins, brochures and videos. In addition to the then latest Saab car models, specialty series such as TX Edition or Independence Edition the latest Griffin series, a special section is occupied with information about the Phoenix project with some details. Also, Marcus tried to collect as many videos as possible at this site documenting this remarkable Phoenix project that is meant to revive the brand as a legendary bird rising from the ashes.

This project is certainly special for a number of reasons, and primarily because it emerged as an independent concept, free from limitations, as a unique vision of Saab’s aesthetics and functionality. And this project, and the rest of the Saab models, were not for everyone, and not part of the mass market, they always had their niche of satisfied fans.

Other interesting Saab projects such as the IQon interface, or Saab 9-3 ePower Concept as a precursor to future electric cars have found their place on this site.

Saab Magazine

As part of their Lifestyle offering, Saab Automobiles also published their magazine aimed at buyers and owners of Saab cars. The Saab magazine has been prepared and printed in multiple languages and distributed worldwide.

Of course, there was an electronic edition in PDF format, and these editions can still be found everywhere on the Internet today. For now, Marcus has one Saab Magazine on the site in electronic format, so if you have one of these editions on your computers yourself – you can send Marcus to enrich this very important collection. Also, if you have any similar interesting material, please send it to him ([email protected] ).

Saab 9-4x

The Saab 9-4x as the last model introduced, a model that could have been a turning point, has a separate section on the site. There is all the relevant information, pre-order information, information about benefits, then detailed pricelists from that time with all the options offered in the packages. Marcus even managed to implement at website a 9-4x 3D virtual spinn with a color option.

All of this is also available for the New Saab 9-5, and even there is the Saab 9-5 Sportcombi, which was never launched, but aroused great attention and much interest from Saab fans around the world.


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