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Saabstance Brunch & Opening 2021

With some delay, we are reminded of a great event from last year, because just now the Czech “Saabstance” team published a video from the opening of the new Saab service center in the Czech Republic. Just then, at the end of August last year, on the occasion of the opening of the Saab service, a gathering of Saab car enthusiasts gathered around the unique club of SAAB enthusiasts “Saabstance was organized.

At the opening of the service, another “Saabstance Brunch” was organized, a brunch that this Czech Saab community regularly organizes. Saabstance Brunch is becoming a popular tradition that is growing in size. Over 40 SAABs arrived for the late breakfast associated with the official opening of the service during the last day of July last year.

The event was divided into two stations. The first is the already well-known, tried-and-tested Vita Caffee, which Saab enthusiasts treated to an outdoor terrace and nice weather. The crowd managed to fill both free parking lots, which sometimes led to a pile-up of cars, but in the end, this “problem” only brought smiles to their faces.

What more could a Saab-enthusiast want than to be surrounded by beautiful cars of the favorite brand, good food and last but not least great company. After refreshments in the cafe and a pleasant chat with like-minded car enthusiasts, the team set off for a leisurely drive to the second meeting point. The organizers of the event did not expect such consistency of the Saab convoy and that it would hold together so perfectly through several intersections on the way to the second station. It was an indescribable experience to see the endless line of SAABs in the rearview mirror, which you can partially see in the video they just posted on their YouTube channel, but also in the fantastic photos taken by Krtek Černý.

Saabstance Brunch & Opening 2021, Liberec

All present enjoyed another relaxed Brunch in Liberec, which the organizers will try to maintain and further develop, and as the Service Opening was really successful, they repeated this large gathering at the end of August this year.

Because of all this, if you are a fan of Saab cars, visit the city of Liberec and the unique service and shop dedicated to Saab cars in the Czech Republic.

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