Saab’s Mini rivalling 9-2

Back to 2010, then Saab new owner, Spyker CEO Victor Muller, told CAR magazine of his desire to build a new Saab 9-2.

Muller has shown selected journalists, including CAR’s Gavin Green, his own hand-drawn sketch of the 9-2 he envisages – and these is  their interpretation of those drawings.

Their CGIs depict a modern take on Saab design, mixing some cues from the past but a healthy dose of modern attitude. Unfortunately, this idea is also backfired.





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  • As I recall there were also talks (perhaps rumors of talks) about a 9-2 that was actually based of a platform shared with Mini. At one point a deal was inked with BMW to build a turbo 4. There was some significant optimism for a season.

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