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Saabs continue to save lives even a 25 year old Cabriolet!

Our regular reader and a great Saab enthusiast from Australia Greg Peck, sent us  an interesting, typical Saab story, a story that goes hand in hand with the extraordinary toughness of the Saab cars.

Greg’s Saab Story

Saab 900i before Crash
Saab 900i before Crash

It has been suggested that I share this story with the wider Saab community. 11/12/18 Cairns Australia My wife was driving home from work in our 1993 Saab 900i Convertible when an impatient young guy in a jacked up Hilux Ute shot out of the intersection on her left and ploughed into her. He said he just didn’t see her. My wife was travelling at about 55kph and he wouldn’t have been doing more than 25 Kph.

saab wreckage

Saab 900 after accident

The impact was substantial and thankfully my wife is recovering with only bruises and seatbelt marks. It’s not a miracle she survived this, after close inspection of the wreck it proves that the inbuilt safety of this 25 year old Saab saved her life!

Saab 900i interior

As you can see in the photos, the passenger cab is mainly intact and I feel even a passenger would not have been too badly injured (even though there was no passenger) Saabs continue to save lives even a 25 year old cabriolet! Cheers

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