Saabs from around the Web hits Over 10K Instagram Followers!

SaabPlanet on Instagram

As we reach 10k followers on Instagram, we want to thank you for being part of this awesome worldwide Saab community. This is a big deal for us. Thank you Saabers so much for all your Saab support.

We want to thank our Saab audience who actively supported us by contribute,liking and sharing Saab content. We created a visual Saab database on Saab culture (lifestyle) and Saab related themes and constantly update our collection with exciting new content. For a little more than a year, this account was accompanied by 10 thousand followers.

SaabPlanet on Instagram
SaabPlanet on Instagram – And thus it all began…

To have your photos featured on the SaabPlanet account, head over to Instagram, find our @saabplanet account and tag us with #saabplanet. Also, Send us your SAAB pictures to [email protected]!

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Below here are a few examples of interesting photos:

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#Saab #SaabPlanet by @enzo_pampos_liontaris

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#Saab by @nils_aero #SaabPlanet

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  • That’s because you’re doing a great job!

    You’ve kept the website and SAAB related news alive even though the brand has already been buried for 2-3 years.

    For a comparison: just look at When SAAB stopped producing cars, the motivation @ Saabsunited seemed to collapse. A person after person left the site and the ownership has changed at least 4 times.

    So congrats to you and keep on doing the great job! :)

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