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“Saabika” – Saab teaser short film

Saab 9-3

Hungarian photo and video studio deals with the usual business in this photo-video field, but what sets this studio apart is that it is owned by Saab fans. Because of all the above, this Budapest studio has real Saab pearls in its portfolio.

Saab cars are their love and inspiration at the same time, as you can see below, in the videos we present to you. Certainly more interesting is the short film directly devoted to Saab cars. The Short movie is titled “Saabika“, starring a photographer who enjoys her work as well as driving a Saab car:

Work can also be a relaxation if you can spend your free time after work with your favorite car. And that’s not all, here’s another little Saab teaser:

As studio owners are big Saab fans, they regularly visit all the local Saab club meetings as well as international meetings, as you can see from their video reports from Saab enthusiasts gathering across Europe.


After our announcement yesterday, we were contacted by one of the authors of these videos – Marika Szabó and thanked us for the announcement. She’s just part of the Saab car fan team and here’s what she says:

Hello, I saw yesterday your article on Saabplanet about me. It made my day perfect! Thank you for the words of appreciation!
However I would like to take a little correct in text. Because i’m not only a member on meetings.  i’m one of the founding member to Saab Meeters Facebook page and I organize Saab meetings on Hungary with my partner too. We had the first own organized meeting in august, One of the movie what you attached is that about it.
So Thank you again, have a nice day!

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