Saabers #4 on the list of “Friendliest Groups Of Car Owners”

Jalopnik bring as interesting list of Friendliest Groups Of Car Owners“. Not every car community is filled with douchebags. Saabers are  #4 on this list.

here’s what it says on the owners of Saab vehicles:

Sweden is cold, so Saab owners play it cool. PumpedSump agrees:P

Most of the Saab guys I know (I’m one of them) will readily admit that Saabs aren’t the best vehicle out their, and many of them rank well behind their contemporary competitors. But they just want you to give it a chance to see if a Saab is right for you. They realize everyone has their own tastes, and a lot of the time, Saab ends up on the wrong side of it.

That being said, they are the nicest group of guys I’ve ever met. You just bought a V4 96? Well, hell! Come on over and have a look through all my spare parts. Whatever you want is just $10/part. You’ve lost two needle bearings from the drive-shaft end-caps? Here are 4 places that might have some spares and if they don’t, they’ll know a guy. You’re going to be doing some exhaust work this weekend? Well, here’s a guy’s number that lives just 20 minutes away and has a lift and whatever tools you’ll ever need. He’ll help you out, and probably give you some old Saab stuff he got from a Saab Owners Convention back in ’01… and ’02, ’03, ’04, but not ’05 because he was having overheating issues and didn’t want to risk the 20 hour drive, and ’06-’13.

It’s also telling that the worse complaint I’ve heard about Saab drivers is that they are ‘weird’.

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  • well, I love Saabs, and why? because they are Saabs – they don’t try to be anything else, they just do what they want to do, even if its not what they mainstream desires. I have 3 9000 series, one even with that godawful V6 engine (My favourite, because well, it is a challenge). I am quite alone in South Australia when it comes to catching up with other owners, there are no groups in Adelaide where I live so I have to shop International for parts all the time. I would certainly like to connect with International groups just so I don’t feel, well, so alone when it comes to stuff about Saabs. I gave my soon to be 16 year old son a 9000, because if he is going to have an accident when learning, that accident better be in a Saab, it just may save his life.

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