Saabaru Lady

Saab 9-2xSaab 9-2x

They are a group of Subaru (Saabaru) lovin’ ladies. Every member of this group is like a family member nad they have 950+ members and growing, with ladies from all over the World.

One of them is Ashley Wiederin, a girl who loves Saab 9-2x Aero (also known as Saabaru). This yoga pants, bright shoes wearing lady is a health and wellness specialist. She manages a personal training studio and has a masters in corrective exercise. She has been working in this field for about 9 years and enjoys helping people with orthopedic issues such as bad knees, shoulders and backs. A little fun fact about Ashley is that she used to throw the javelin while she was in college.

Saab or Subaru? SAABARU! >> Ashley Wiederin
Saab or Subaru? SAABARU! >> Ashley Wiederin

What do you love most about your car?
Ashley: I love that it is unique. There weren’t many made. It also has some nicer features such as sti hids, heated leather and I love that it is a wagon.