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Saab & Waves - Photo by Aaron BrimhallSaab & Waves - Photo by Aaron Brimhall

Someone said – There are few photographers in the world with the ability to capture speed the way Aaron does. His gritty sweat-stained images have become legendary, and his dynamic approach to adventure and photography have created a very powerful body of work.

Just one such photographer is Aaron Brimhall, great art director and professional photographer, and If you aren’t already following this guy’s Instagram feed, do so now (@aaronbhall). n one of the fresher photo sets, Aaron managed to combine a fantastic location such as the Californian Coast, then the good old Saab, and surfing and waves. As he himself says – There was nothing besides beautiful light and good company.

Saab & Waves - Photo by Aaron Brimhall

And, he is absolutely right, Aaron captured feeling and emotion, these photographs depict emotions and atmosphere. He find it very critical to find the right type of location to shoot in. And this is usually the biggest and hardest part for him as finding a good solid area to shoot in. For this photo session, he found the right location – California Beach, but it was also complemented by real light – the light provided by the sunset over California. This combination provided incredible colors and tonalities, vintage emotion and a gentle feeling of sadness.

He like to create and tell stories through pictures…

Saab & Waves - Photo by Aaron BrimhallSaab & Waves - Photo by Aaron Brimhall

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  • Love the shots. I always saw the smaller saabs… 99, 900, 93 (98-02) and even the 50’s and 60’s Saabs as funky surfer looking cars with the surfboard strapped on top.

    The 99 shots here are nice. It’s a bare bones auto with unique features and a board on top that add to the nice artistic shots on these photos.

    Again…I really love the shots… especially the board on top and the view of the funky headrest!!!

    Shooting it at twilight adds another dimension to it all too.

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