Saab Watches

Lifestyle branding is a buzzword that many corporations use. A corporation defines itself as a lifestyle brand because its products promote a certain lifestyle; however, lifestyle branding is more than just promoting a lifestyle. Lifestyle branding can be defined as a product or service that provides consumers with an emotional attachment to an identifiable lifestyle.

Certainly, one of the most important products of lifestyle programs of premium brands are watchesSAAB as a premium brand, also had its “brand watches”, several official and many unofficial. Here are a few interesting Saab watches, you can find some on sale, and some do not.

Saab Watches

RARE Saab Watch

Very rare about 1955-1965 made antique manual (hand-winding)Saab wristwatch in perfect working order  ~ $80 on eBay:

Saan Turbo Watch

Genuine Saab watch with the well known three colors Turbo pressure gauge design. High quality and leather belt. by RBM Performance ~146€

Saab 9-3 wrist watch

Very interesting Saab 9-3 wrist watch, original dealer merchandise material, on eBay ~$150:

Saab IWC Mark XII Mellow Yellow

In 1997 Saab produced a special version of its Saab 900 CE Cabrio, which was called “Mellow Yellow”. Every buyer of this car received a special edition of the IWC Mark XII Pilot’s Watch. Limited to 210 pieces this has become a true collector’s item and you won’t find many for sale. You can find some information in the IWC ‘in-house’ collector’s forum.

Saab Turbo X Watch

Saab Speedometer Watch

The Saab Speedometer watch is a sporty and modern chronograph, designed and developed in collaboration with Saab Design. The stainless-steel clock was inspired by the Saab 9-3’s dashboard. The watchband is rubber with a folding metal clasp. Watertight to 20 metres.

Saab Sport Watch black

(S2E604030-99) A sporty Saab watch with alloy case and black rubber sports strap. Water resistant 3 Atm.

Saab Multiwatch

Sporty Multi Watch with Altimeter measuring a range from -700 meters to 9164 meters and showing Altitude History Graph. Barometer, Thermometer and Chronograph. Water resistant.


  • I have a Saab Speedometer watch. Unfortunately the strap has perished and an otherwise pristine watch has been forced into a drawer. Despite my efforts, I cannot find a replacement. Does anyone have an idea where I might find one?

  • does anyone know – who produced Saab Speedometer watch ? i’m missing the chronopushers and i need one strap as well. thanks

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