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Saab Smartwatch

Does anyone have a Smartwatch? One of the best parts of Smart Watches custiomisations is the ability to customize your watch face. It’s a small thing, but making it look how you want it to look adds a uniqueness that can make your watch truly yours and distinguishable from everyone else’s.  And the question is – do you want some Saab interface on it?

If you do, we highly recommend an app called WatchMaker Watch Faces, there are a large number, but this is one of the most popular applications. You can find it in your app store. It allows you to download custom watch faces for your smartwatch.

if you did not know, On your Smart Watch, you can choose different designs, adjust the colors, and add complications to your watch face, or you can create a completely new interface or use an existing one.

Thanks to Saab enthusiasts  who are competent in graphic design, but now, we have a large base of  ready-to-use free Saab watch faces. Only Within this application, you have 2 Saab watchfaces  available and both graphic solutions are very interesting, and  solutions are created by the user called Speed (and thank him for the effort).

Saab Smartwach watchface

The first solution is a classical chronograph with Saab elements – SAAB chrono vol.1, while the second solution is inspired by the last Saab model – Saab 9-5 NG.

Also, You can try out another similar application called “Facer”  that is also available for all existing platforms; Android, Apple and Tizen. And also, within the base of ready solutions you have two watchfaces for Saab fans: Carbon Saab and simply SAAB.

Facer Saab Watchfaces

Since they are easy to install and change, you can try all the ready templates, or you’re good at designing – you can create your own Saab watch face.

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  • My wife has a Gear S2 for I think 2 years already and she made lots of Saab watches and she likes it very much
    Every time she designs a new one, or with a Saab logo or a Dachshund, she loves them alo

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