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Saab Viking Performance Tour 2020

De Viking PrestatietochtViking Performance Tour 2020

As every year, the Saab Club Nederland organizes a rally of classic Saab cars, and this year the rally is planned for mid-November, caleld “Saab Viking Performance Tour 2020” (De Viking Prestatietocht). The Viking Performance Tour is a map-reading ride for Saab drivers with decades of tradition.

History of a specific Saab rally

Originally, the ride was organized by Saab Club Nederland and the winner of the previous year was responsible for plotting and organizing the new edition. For several years, the organization has been in the hands of specialized companies at the request of the Saab Club Nederland.

In the past, the teams were sent out at the end of the day to drive all night long. That is also where the term “Performance Tour” comes from. Nowadays it starts in the morning to finish in the evening. But the challenging nature has remained.

Rally route

The start and finish will take place in or near Apeldoorn. The area is characterized by many unknown beautiful roads without significant crowds. Larger rallies do not occur very often in the area devised by the rally participants.

The rally participants have studied the maps for a long time and have discovered a large number of special roads in surprising places in the beautiful surroundings. Certainly this region offers numerous possibilities to set out beautiful routes without significant duplication, and that will happen.

The Rallycheck App

The Rallycheck App ( will be used to assess whether the correct route has been taken. The Rallycheck app replaces all rally control panels, time controls, etc. etc. by digital controls based on GPS. The participant retains the reward feeling of a route control, but the result is known much faster. To be clear: participants are responsible for a properly functioning mobile phone with GPS, and do not forget to bring a charging cable….

Who is the organizer?

This year the organization is in the hands of the Classic Rally Adventures Foundation. Ronald Jans and Gerhard Fokkens have a well-balanced driving and map-reading ride in the planning. Registration for the Viking Performance Tour is open from today, Viking Performance Tour 2020, the 58th edition… you can register now!

Saturday 14 November 2020 it’s that time again. Participation is only possible with a Saab, regardless of the year of construction.

The Viking Performance Tour is traditionally a challenging classic rally that is all about sharp reading maps, good sense of time and optimal cooperation between driver and navigator. The ride is driven with Saabs on the public road and can be completed within the limits of road traffic law. Each equipe receives two rally plates, enough refreshments and there are multiple cups to earn.

Also, There are three classes:

  • expert class, for experienced crews
  • sport class, for advanced teams
  • tour class, for novice and not very experienced teams.

Driver and navigator are facing a day of pure car fun, Registration is easy via the special website:

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