Not-So-SAAB:”Saab Viking” concept

This Saab you probably never saw…

This was a concept Saab Viking Coupe (1982) from the Italian Carrozzeria FissoreItalian coachbuilder located in Savigliano, near Turin. Concept was designed by Tom Tjaarda who also designed the De Tomaso Pantera.  Its based on a Saab 900 Turbo chassis and have been developed to a 1:1 model stage.

1982 Rayton Fissore Saab Viking_02 1982 Rayton Fissore Saab Viking_03

Tom Tjaarda 3/07/1934 born as Stevens Thompson Tjaarda Van Starkenberg in Detroit (USA) as son of Irene Thompson Tjaarda and the automotive designer Joop „Jan“ Tjaarda Van Starkenberg (04/02/1897–1962), who changed his name to John Tjaarda when he came to the USA in 1923. His creations included the streamlined Lincoln Zephyr (1935). He also worked on Saab 900 four door 1992.

1982 Rayton Fissore Saab Viking_04

BTW, Fissore is not well known but in the middle of the 90ies this company produced a large SUV called Rayton Fissore and having a look of a big Fiat Uno which reaches the size of a Range Rover.

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